Report From IMPS-SA President 2013

My report, in the main, also proudly acknowledges the massive support once again by IMPS-SA Honorary Life President Mr Johan Bosch. He championed all expectations for this year’s conference.

Mr Bosch sponsored:

  • Accommodation for 53 VIP’s; Professional Speakers; IMPS-SA management and many foot- soldiers. Nothing was spared in his providing the best possible for the above.
  • IMPS-SA President was able to invite Law Enforcement Officers from KSD Municipality Mthata, City of Cape Town and Stellenbosch to attend at no conference fee payable.
  • Meals for the conference delegates.
  • Special evening functions (3) in the Executive Mayor’s LAPA, on the Game Reserve.
  • Funding IMPS-SA logistics for the conference which also included related costs of the management group towards fullest participation in the conference in Krugersdorp; and
  • Conference bags for delegates – embroidered with both the IMPS-SA and Red Ant Logos.

Political Will-Councillors

Serving IMPS-SA Political-Will Councillors: Cllrs Nyaniso Jindela; Cllr MS Mlandu; Hon MP Dumisani Ximbi.

Newly appointed additional IMPS-SA Political-Will Councillors:

  • Councillor Michael Patrick Pietersen – Chairperson: Housing Safety Unit/Drug Enforcement Task Team; & Deputy Chairperson: Safety & Security Portfolio Committee – City of Cape Town; and
  • Councillor Quintin Smit – Chairperson: Safety & Security Portfolio – Stellenbosch Municipality.

Netherlands Forensics Institute invite to visit – Great honour for the Institute:

  • IMPS-SA N/C Andre du Toit and Honorary National Councillor Gary Johnson were invited by NFI to attend a weeklong training visit as guest of the Institute;
  • NC Du Toit was sponsored by IMPS-SA i.r.o. travelling costs;
  • This interaction by Andre du Toit and Gary Johnson with leading academics in the forensics field also led to IMPS-SA being honoured with Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Netherlands Forensics Insitute, Mr AC Mohring from The Hague agreeing to present a professional paper at the 2013 IMPS-SA conference. Well done, Andre and Gary!

SAQA evaluation of IMPS-SA

A SAQA delegation arranged to visit IMPS-SA HQ on 29 August 2013 towards evaluation of our organisation. Participants: IMPS-SA President Mr Fikile Hintsa; IMPS-SA VP(1) Mr JP Smit; Hon MP Dumisani Ximbi, EXCO Chair Mr JA Davids, IMPS-SA CEO Mr Lincoln Stander and Senior Academics SBS (Southern Business School) Dr Braam Coetzee and Mr Paul Swanepoel.

Societal Security

The ISO Technical Committee for Societal Security held its meeting in Nairobi, Kenya 3-12 December 2013, at which IMPS-SA Vice-President(1) JP Smit represented the institute. SABS sponsored, in the main, participation by JP Smit with IMPS-SA contributing towards the sustenance for his period in Nairobi, Kenya.

SADC Contact

Engagement with Metropolitan Police Windhoek culminated with Executive Mayor Hon Cllr Agnes Kafula and also the Chief of Metpol Mr AK Kanime and Senior Superintendent Charl Morkel being invited to attend this year’s conference.


Formal SAACSI Launch took place on 14 May 2013 in the Boksburg Council Chambers.
IMPS-SA remains fully committed to help SAACSI be the unified national platform of the safety & security institutes for positive and meaningful engagement with SALGA in matters of municipal safety & security as well as related legislation.

Leadership and management competencies must be urgently developed in Municipal Safety & Security.

We must operate more effectively and overcome our challenges!

I speak of:

  • by-law enforcement/security officers
  • VIP Security officer (Municipal)
  • Municipal & Metro police officers.

Be Effective and Efficient: Use Professional Resources Available

  • Prof Hennie van As of Nelson Metropolitan University and Institute for Law in Action is the ‘guru’ on Municipal By-Law development. This includes strategy and policy, also training on all levels. (NQF Level 4 to PhD). Forensic Training Modules fused with current investigation training is the newest addition.

Relevant training is the only way!

Empowering by-law enforcement/security officers to fully understand and competently present themselves in related challenges in court will dramatically enhance safer communities in the RSA.

  • Self assessment through the internet of Recognition of Prior Learning ( RPL) is immediately available. Dr Braam Coetzee of Southern Business School (SBS) has also developed leadership and management competency training for the municipal public safety profession – NQF 5 to PhD. This would also, i.r.o. by- laws, involve training by Prof Hennie van As.

SBS has offered IMPS-SA 8 bursaries:

  • National Certificate Public Safety Management x2
  • National Diploma in Public Safety Management x2
  • National Certificate in Metro Police Management x2
  • National Diploma in Metro Police Management x2

Considerations for awarding an SBS Bursary to IMPS-SA Members

Development of Interoperable Qualifications for IMPS-SA

  • The qualifications developed by SBS are interoperable – SAPS, SANDF, Correctional Services & Local Government Public Safety.
  • The qualifications by SBS may be utilised by all in Public Safety. This means that By-law enforcement Officers, Municipal Security Officers, Municipal Police, Metpol, Traffic Officers, Fire Officers, etc. all undergo core training for the qualification.
  • Thereafter specialisation training is followed for each of the specific professions of the Safety & Security cluster.
  • Training in the legal facets will be drawn from NMMU/ILA. Prof Hennie van As, as we know, offers the best training for By-law Enforcement Officers, and much more.

Financing the function:

  • Establishing appropriate fines for transgressors will undoubtedly make citizens think twice about committing any offence.
  • Savings resulting from income derived through appropriate fines can be utilised toward s other municipal needs or even to bolster a more effective and efficient Safety & Security Directorate.

My call to action

Overcome soonest one of our many Challenges – capacitate our fraternity through the right training:

  • Get your forces properly trained in the competencies now available and revealed at this conference.
  • Catch up with modern technology – sooner than later – Municipal Safety & Security is currently so very far behind.

Fikile Hintsa 
IMPS-SA President
September 2013