Training and Services Offered through IMPS-SA

National Training is developed for Municipal Law Enforcement Officers by Educational Institutions in consultation with IMPS-SA towards urgent capacitating of the profession. We hope that this will lead to promotion within the ranks as outset in our promotional pyramid.

Professional Qualifications In Municipal Law Enforcement

  1. Exciting new Training Programmes offered by Nelson Mandela University (NMU):
    1. Law Enforcement by Peace Officers (LEPO, EHPs)
    2. Principles of Advanced Law Enforcement for Professional Municipal Staff
    3. Criminal Investigation: Investigation of Municipal Health Offences
    4. Taking of Statements
    5. Environmental Management Inspectorate  (EMI, EHP)
    6. Prevention of Corruption
    7. Communication & Public Participation
    8. Identification of Marine Species & Vessels & Gear Used in Illegal Fishing
    9. Introduction to Local Government Law
  2. Qualifications offered by Southern Business School (SBS)
    1. Higher Certificate in Management
    2. Higher Certificate & Diploma in Management
    3. Bachelor of Policing Practice
    4. Bachelor of Policing Practice Honours
    5. Master of Policing Practice

Find the full Schedule of the year’s training programmes offered at NMU here inclusive of dates and costs.

Further details of SBS qualifications and contact details here.

Contact Lincoln Stander for more information on IMPS SA training options:

(T) : IMPS-SA +27 21 887 1431 or  (M) : +27 84 457 7777